t e a c h i n g

Andie has many years of experience running workshops and courses in observation skills, plus painting and drawing. Her background of working with secondary school pupils and in the Adult Education sector throughout west Wales means she is experienced in showing students, from beginners to the more experienced, highly motivational methods of working.

“In my teaching I set out to nurture and develop the personal vision that each of us has if we can only find the key to unlock it,” she says. “To be able to give someone the confidence to believe in themselves in this way is one of life’s rich rewards. This approach stems from the way I have taught myself to paint and draw.  Having trained in Graphic Design meant I received no formal education in painting and drawing skills, but I see this as a positive thing as I do not come to my work encumbered by the many ‘rules’ I often see my students weighted down by.”

‘g o i n g   w i t h   t h e   f l o w’   w o r k s h o p s

Recent teaching includes running workshops with innovative combinations, such as combining tai chi practice with life drawing, the practice of mixed media landscape through the Eastern approach to problem solving, and musical performance with the exploration of mark making. These unique workshops come under the umbrella title of ‘Going With the Flow’.

c o m m e n t s   f r o m   c o u r s e   p a r t i c i p a n t s

You brought a refreshing approach to drawing and I will be encouraged to trust my instinct from now on! Thank you. PP, Pembrokeshire

The application of tai chi principles to life drawing is so relevant and interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of both. AR, Swindon

What an inspirational day. I want to go home and draw now. SE, Cardigan

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