In an attempt to get beneath the surface, my work seeks responses to ‘echo soundings’ of sound+vibration, earth+water and energy+spirit.

“The secret geometry and design beneath the surface of the natural world” was an early influence in my work when I was introduced to D’Arcy Thompson’s ‘On Growth and Form’ whilst still at college.

Intervening years have seen interests develop in other directions with much enthusiasm tempered by a certain amount of puzzlement. Now the alchemy begins to make sense as disparate strands begin to mesh together as if coming ‘full circle’ in response to, or maybe as an echo of, what has gone before.

s o u n d + v i b r a t i o n

Detail from rhythmscape Sheku Kanneh Mason 1

Andie’s paintings of sound and vibration, which also encompass both listening to music and experiencing musicians performing live, originate from her lifelong studies, having been encouraged to play various instruments from an early age.

Sensitivity to vibration and the lifelong experience of living with profoundly acute hearing has been embraced by Andie, and indeed treated as a positive thing which acts as a valuable stimulus in her work.

As ever she is happiest when capturing the movement and energy, whether visceral, as in the performance, or more ethereal – as in her personal interpretation of the vibrations within the musical score.

“Deep listening or sonic mindfulness has begun to open exciting pathways into a greater understanding of the world of acoustics for me, and this together with the interplay between sound and vibration is an important stimulus in my current work.”

e a r t h + w a t e r

Detail from Transient

Much of Andie’s inspiration comes from the stunning Celtic landscape surrounding her coastal west Wales home. The constant ebb and flow of the tide, in all its many moods, contrasts with the solid outpouring of energies from cliffs and rocks that have stood as proud sentinels over millennia.

“When Rose Hilton, painter and wife of the famous Cornish artist Tony Hilton, was asked why she continued to paint the Cornish landscape when it has been painted so many times before, she replied: ‘Not by me it hasn’t’.This instantly resonated deeply within me; I realised it is all about expressing my own personal vision.”

e q u u s + e s s e n c e

Detail from Brooding Stallion
“Horsepower entrances me.
Their spirit, energy and essence are a constant draw.

To see horses running free with their lively fluid grace and majesty is an uplifting sight. When grazing on rugged exposed open moorland it is possible to observe in them a strong sense of inner ease and freedom of spirit.

Years spent absorbing and learning to ‘see’ them, not knowing how, why or what I had to say, have started to repay me. Seizing the challenge of drawing them from life, I have started on a journey – the resultant quick sketches barely able to achieve more than to grasp at their essence.

Back in my studio, using the power of mark and line it is this distillation of spirit that I strive to express and develop.”

e n e r g y + s p i r i t

Yang 88 Style 1
Andie’s long term study of the ancient Chinese art of Tai Ji has taught her to go with the flow and allow things to find their own sense of balance in order to express her innermost feelings.

“The awareness that the Universe embodies the antiphonal state references an interest in Eastern philosophies, with transcultural influences arising through embracing reflective research ranging from a spiritual awareness to calligraphic mark making and an ongoing study and practice of Tai Ji Qu’an.”

Believing it is better to be free from too many sets of rules, Andie constantly experiments and searches for ways to express and distil her subject matter until she arrives close to the essence of what she sees before her, believing the journey itself to be as valuable as reaching the destination itself.

“Exploring the rhythmical processes and cycles of nature, its need for balance, and how to listen to its spirit and feels its energy, are areas explored in my current work, and have direct reference to my long term study and practice of Tai Ji.”

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