Forthcoming Exhibition – “Nine Lives” – 1st-28th April 2014

Image of Painted on Silence

Painted on Silence

image of Officium


Formed in the late 1990′s, the Teifi Artists Group work in a wide variety of media and techniques. Membership is by invitation and the group is kept small and local. The artists meet on a bi-monthly basis, providing a mutually supportive network for encouragement, constructive criticism, and the exchange of information. The group shares common aims and acts as a forum for innovative ideas.

This exciting new TAG exhibition at Art Matters in Tenby runs through the whole month of April 2014, and offers a special opportunity to see how these nine individual artists express themselves, each with their own unique voice.

Andie Clay, Wendy Evans, Helen Gillam, Glenn Ibbitson, Carole King, Nigel Pugh, Peter Rossiter, Philippa Sibert, Diane Walkey.