sound+vibration 2

Rhythmscape: Sheku Kanneh-Mason 3 - 50cm by 50cm - mixed media on paperVisceral responses to vibrations, silence and the spaces between
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earth+water 3

Aegis - 52cm by 49cm - mixed media on paperResponses to earth rhythms, the yin and yang of water and ‘being on the edge’
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earth+water 1

Ancestral voices - 61cm by 61cm - mixed mediaExplorations of natural phenomena – an antiphonal response to the rugged west Wales landscape.
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sound+vibration 1

VibrationThe world of sounds, vibrations and resonances as experienced at live music performances.
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earth+water 2

Coastal Forms 2Smaller works where inner and outer resonances of fundamental natural phenomena are explored through abstracted mark making.
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FillyExplorations of call and response around the theme of the horse.
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