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Strong, energetic and sensitive mark making with expressionistic use of rich colour are the well known keynotes of Andie Clay’s painting and drawing. Vibrant chalk pastels work with and against inks, charcoals and water based paints in dynamic layers that are full of life and energy. Most recently, larger canvases and scrolls have provided much scope for Andie’s gestural calligraphic style.

andie-clay-fine-art1“My work is essentially a dialogue between the Self and the Image in which aesthetic and emotive elements interact both as concave and convex mirrors, the one seamlessly informing and invigorating the other.”

Best known for her intuitive responses to movement, music and musicians, and for her richly colourful, fluid paintings of land, sea and sky, Andie also produces work based on human and animal forms, both real and imaginary, with a special reverence for the horse. Themes with feminine origins: earth mother, fertility figures and mother and child are favoured subjects and can be seen to feed back into the sensual landscape forms of the Preseli mountains.

img2“My current work is concerned with explorations of gestural mark-making in which there are necessarily elements of self investigation both as an individual and as a woman.”

Andie lives in an historic farmhouse on the wild Welsh coast not far from the border between Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. The strong sense of living on the edge, close to earth’s primordial energies and cycles of ebb and flow, has informed her work for more than 20 years.

img3“Some of the work references the inner and outer landscapes of fundamental natural phenomena, in particular forms drawn from the coastal and moorland regions of Wales – both desolate and inhospitable terrains etched with the challenges and choices of a lifetime of tracks, courses and pathways; solitude; and the concept of the journey in all its many forms. Further series of works spring from my investigations into natural vibrations – by this I mean influences of sound, resonances, and cycles.”